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LETTER: If you injure a deer, stop your car and do the right thing! — 23 Comments

  1. The person should have stayed, but as a news source don’t let your personal feelings skew the way things are reported. Journalistic integrity means separating the two.

  2. Pretty sure it is against the law to hit a deer or dog and drive off. Saw a Van hit deer on Sooke Rd, broke its back legs the guys were picking up their Van parts and laughing. Deer hobbled across Sooke Rd on it’s broken back legs, traffic from Sooke were driving around it. Nobody stopped. Finally the Deer made it the other side and fell down the bank.
    I called the CO and waited for him to come and pointed to where it went. Then I left. People in Van took off, didn”t stick around. Poor Deer.

    • Love to find the person, just to inform them of the right thing to do. Call the RCMP or Wild Arc or me for that matter. We’ll save it if we can. This youngster was too far gone to be helped but still shouldn’t suffer like it did. So sad.

  3. almost hit 2 deer at the seaparc crosswalk on phillips, luckily i was doing the speed limit, the car behind me did not see the deer because it was right on my ass

  4. This morning Feb 28, I was leaving my home at 5:30 am. On West Coast Road a few houses east of Whiffin Spit someone had hit a young small deer who was laying in the middle of the road with 3 or 4 broken legs and two watchful adults standing by. I watched him manage to drag himself with the broken front legs to the side of the road falling in a shallow ditch of water. He was still very alert and suffering terribly. I called emergency for police to come out, stayed in the rain and cold with the deer – no one came, 1/2 hour later called again. The other two deer who were with him, ran away when a loud fast car came close to where we were on the side of the road. I stayed 1.5 hours with the beautiful being to provide comfort. The police never came. How is this possible that there was no one willing or able to take this call and put the deer out of its misery? I had to leave for a couple of hours and when I was able to return I brought friends. We were going to try to get him to Wild Arc if he was still in ok shape, but the deer was in the same spot, dead with what appeared to be tire tracks on his body.

    I appreciate that you published this letter. Please if you hit a deer take care and responsibility.