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Letter: Improper Council spending should not become taxpayers’ burden — 5 Comments

  1. Standing ovation for Gail Hall “as always” and a standing “O” for Britt for showing us the reality of it all. Thank you to both.

  2. Thanks Gail, the language seems pretty clear here and and I’m wondering what form the inevitable pushback on this is going to take. I suspect that the argument will be that – re: Section (2)- amending the plan to include those expenditures retroactively makes the whole issue moot. We’ll see.

  3. Yes, thanks for the information Gail and Britt. It would be good if one or more Council members would show up here and clarify what they have done. It still boggles me that when Council have these votes they pass unanimously. I had faith in some members that when the time came they would vote to protect the citizens of Sooke and not just bend to what the Staff wants. And if you don’t understand the issue, abstain until you can learn about it.
    Remember, if Council members do get disqualified from holding office, they still retain the responsibility for the debt that they have incurred.

  4. Thank you Gail for helping all of us to understand what they have done.
    We will not be happy about the property tax increase to cover what has been done.