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Letter: Inadequate ambulance service in Sooke — 4 Comments

  1. The other thing to consider, is that in all medical issuea, from ambulance to hospital, patients are triaged. It sounds like based on symptoms for you, they moved you to lower priority. If you were more serious, it may have been a faster response.

    • Regardless of the triage acuity they assigned to the call 45 min is UNACCEPTABLE

  2. Sooke ambulances, or any town for that matter get tied up in Westshore and Victoria often. Dispatch is supposed to cover Sooke when this happens but, quite possible resources were taxed as they often are. Please contact Mr Horgan

  3. Here is a link to the new system. Everyone would love a perfect world in which there was always someone there when called, but this is not reality. I do think though, that EHS members are severely underpaid for the job they do. Between them and ER staff, they save more lives that fire and police combined, yet make less than half of firefighters or police. I would be the first to champion more appreciation for the work they do.