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LETTER: Inadequate temporary Sooke seniors centre closes after barely roughing it for three years — 29 Comments

  1. Britt, please add a link under “related” to this District of Sooke webpage: the http://sooke.ca/municipal-hall/agenda-minutes/committee-commission. It features 18 months worth of agendas and minutes for the recently disbanded Sooke Community Centre Advisory Committee. Many, many good ideas came out of those meetings chaired by Lee Boyko, and it’s to be hoped that the new Community Development Committee will carefully read and act upon the suggested actions therein.

    On May 9th this year, the Committee presented its recommendations to the District’s Committee of the Whole. See pages 3 and 4 here: http://sooke.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/09-May-2016-COW-AgendaPkg-1.pdf. Regarding the senior centre, the committee asked that “Council support the development of an interim centre at SEAPARC through the acquisition of a portable from SD #63 as an interim step. Further that council should support the development of a permanent senior centre at one of the following locations: Ayre Manor, the New Lands or at the Community Hall.”

    The minutes of that meeting state that Council wishes to work closely with the Committee to act upon this and other recommendations: http://sooke.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/2016-May-9-COW-min-signed.pdf … so the intention has been made and I guess we’ll see real action in the year ahead.

    PS Another essential link: The Getting It Built report produced by Marlene Barry and Ebony Logins in 2014: http://sooke.ca/wp-content/uploads/Getting-It-Built_Community-Centre-Project-for-website.pdf. Also worth a mention is the 2014 plebiscite vote: “Would you support the District of Sooke working with the community to develop multi-use community centre facilities? YES or NO” Result: YES (3,072) NO (631)”

    (PS tried posting this at your .ca and .info pages, but comment was rejected as spam)

    • Nothing wrong with either place except there is no space available for a DROP IN CENTER to operate 5 days a week.

  2. Hope always exist in all of us. First off I echo Carol’s thoughts. My mother who I lost in June of 2015 was an active member with the Sooke Seniors. I believe my mother started to go after she lost her huband back in early 2000. My mother would take endless how great the centre was and her friends and new friends. A matter of fact she met one of her best friends there. Years later after losing her best friend mom continued going to the centre. She loved everything about it! Always going on how wonderful it is to her son’s ken and Mike, and us seeing the value of this centre for all seniors. Ken and I walked the picket proudly with mom and the rest of the seniors that day in the rain in front of city hall. Later in life we reflected on that picket day with mom…think around 2012-2013. I remember us having enough of this SHIT (ken and I that is) and saying to mom once your boys get their exclusion for Sooke Disposal waste/recycle /restore at the back of 2309 Sooke River rd property that there will be space up front for a new Sooke Senior Center where we could donate the use of the land for $1 per year. Mom was excited and hopefull because she knew that this would be a reality once we got through the rest of the red tape. I close in saying after four years sooke finally got their horse shoe pit, and free milne is hopefully they will get an exclusion from the A
    .L.R. to put turf in. (Which they should in my opinion)
    So there is always hope!
    Without a question if there is ANYTHING our family or Sooke Disposal Ltd can do for the seniors. We are only to happy too!
    This is Sooke’s most hidden priceless jems we could have in our community.
    Together We Can!
    Mike Winter

    • The legion is very supportive of us, however, the upstairs is not assessable to those of us with mobility issues, and the downstairs would not be available 5 days a week for a Drop in Center.

  3. There are always excuses but the reality is they need a stand alone building that can offer programs like they do at Juan DE fuca. Money is always available for other things but we have a huge senior population in sooke. Thought this council would support this project.

  4. We need to have a proper seniors complex built. They need to have extensive programs and classes for seniors, a meet for lunch program, outings organized. Seniors coming up the line, like me, are needing more than bingo and cards. Art, birding group, walking group, intelligent conversation, projects, book exchange, computer skill expansion etc. We don’t want the same things as our ancestors, as we are not sitting around in rocking chairs anymore.

  5. Agreed. Time to act. We need to have more desire to accommodate the seniors in Sooke. We’ll all end up there at some point. Let’s make our town senior (and youth!) friendly!

  6. Since Sooke is getting a new library, is there not space on that land to create an annex/add-on for a senior’s centre? It would be in the town core and accessible to more senior’s.

    • There definitely is, We would hope this will spark people to make their view known to the District.

  7. The community of Sooke needs a permanent, stand alone “Community” Center that can be used by young and old and everyone in between. Every other community I have ever lived in has had some version of this. It’s something that has been talked to death about. Tired of the lip service. There needs to be some political will on the part of this Council to make this happen!

  8. I would love to see Ayre Manor step up and offer something in conjunction with the activities that already exist. Ayre Manor has a huge kitchen and would be able to accommodate more people visiting. I know it would also be great for the seniors that live there. There is already a lounge for some activities and a craft room for different activities. I belong to the Juan de Fuca Seniors center they have so much to offer but fortunately I drive. It isn’t that convenient for all seniors in Sooke.

  9. In the Metchosin Community House they hold programs for seniors on certain days. Perhaps Sooke seniors could be bussed there?? Or contact the community house and get the phone number of this program to see if they’d like to come to Sooke.

    “The MC House is proud to host the Vancouver Island Adult Day Program on Mondays and Wednesdays of each week throughout the year.Adult day programs are community-based services that aim to enhance the quality of life for seniors and people with disabilities. At the Metchosin Community House, VIHA provides opportunities for our seniors to stay in touch with other people within our community. Clients can join in the morning coffeebreaks, hotlunches, exercise programs, community outings, arts and crafts, discussion groups,and informational programs or talk to health professionals about issues that concern them.The cost is $4 per day or $6 per day if transportation is included. More information can be obtained from the Contact: Adult Day Program Manager at (250) 213-2440”

    What about Sooke Child, Youth & Family Centre  Family Service Center?

    There is a lovely Seniors Centre at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre.

    “The Sooke Masonic Lodge ground floor and grounds are available for rent for meetings and gatherings. The facility includes a kitchen and washrooms.”

    There are close to 10 churches in Sooke. Most churches have halls for rent.

    • Believe me in the six years I have been trying for a home for the Drop in Center there is no place in Sooke I have not explored as a possible answer.

  10. There is no plan at the current time for the Lions to acquire property near the library nor build a senior centre.