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Letter: Intelligent housing could be what it used to be, with modern technology — 10 Comments

  1. What a great letter. A poignant reminder of what we are leaving behind as we seem to be being herded into a less personal, less human, more virtual existence.

  2. This letter needs to go to OCP committee. I too am part of that era .we need to go more simple. The house style you talk of was proposed in the last OCP for the area on the water side of Sooke rd. What a lovely concept. Thrashed,by council and staff duped by some developers. Please sen your letter care of Al Beddows ,acting chair of the OCP.i am an OCP member

    • Thanks Ellen for your support and suggestion. I’ve been a quiet follower of yours for a while ( as in fan, not stalker) so am honoured.

  3. Hello Lynn and Ellen. I too am from that era but a pre boomer. My father left for overseas at the Second WW. Mom and I survived on our own on a meager armed service allotment. I was 3 when Dad arrived home and we too started off in a 2 bedroom Veteran post war home. Small but we all had room to grow safely in a caring, sharing, mutual friendly happy place to play and be watched over. The young veterans were so happy to have survived the horrors of war and be home with family and their young babies (you lucky boomers)
    They worked hard in their yards built fences to lean over and share time building projects with their neighbors.
    We walked to school in all weather and were thankful if we had gumboots to splash in the many puddles. We made friends at school for life and still remember times together playing many games of unorganized sports. We shared produce and watched our Mothers and their friends spend hours over wood stoves canning produce for the winter months.
    Rainy days after school were spent listening to great radio productions of all our historic heroes.
    At the risk of upsetting so many friends I am going to say if we could only take some of the ALR lands sitting without any relative agri production and start over with a housing program similar to the Veterans housing development we would ultimately have more produce produced from home gardens than we will ever see from these fallow lands. Think not only of the housing supply but the health of the families living in what could be a new normal.

    • Your story sounds like my brother’s. I have always had a backyard garden and both my kids and grandkids browsed. I really, really want to see that low land between Grant Road and the main drag saved for community gardens and not built upon. I have no idea who owns it but it is wonderful soil that I understand has been farmed for a long time.

      Your idea of those little “Veterans” houses in garden plots (aka Victory Gardens?) could be the new low cost quality of life housing everyone is asking for. Have you thought to submit your ideas to Al Beddows Committee – please ?

    • Hi J&C 🙂 Also please send it to Mike Hicks, our local CRD Director, as the CRD is apparently having a review of the ALR very soon. If you compare the Nanaimo Regional District’s climate change type programmes and quality of life programmes to ours here, it is a shock.

      • Housing with cute little (sustainable energy efficient) houses and areas for backyard gardens sounds like just what the community needs. But save the ALR land for someone who wants to actually do some farming. Back yard gardens do not require ALR land as all of us who have hauled buckets of compost, seaweed and manure to make our garden plots bloom vigourously can attest.

  4. My kids love browsing in the garden (Lynn’s) and have grown up with their hands in the dirt. Having Granny teach them to garden, sew, knit , and even build, the same as she taught me has been as great gift . Now my kids are growing and harvesting on their own.

    While they may technically be city kids by place of residence they grew up as I did , a small town kid. Raiding peas from the garden, checking for eggs and picking berries for dessert . Great article mom