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Letter: Leave the heavy lifting for the mayor’s return, focus on maintenance for now — 18 Comments

  1. Thanks for your excellent letter, Lorien Arnold. I so much hope Council will sit up and take notice – and then action! (And I’m still reeling after Diane Bernard was denied making a presentation.)

  2. Good comments! And the reply on this issue on one of the other Facebook postings that the Mayor has no more standing than one of the Councilors does not ring valid to me. If that was the case then why even bother having an individual run for Mayor? I know I did not vote for the Councilors to date who have been taking the position of Acting Mayor. Why were such dramatic decisions made in the absence of the person the majority of the Taxpayers in Sooke voted for as Mayor? There is a common link to all that has been going on in the DOS. Started with the recommendations that led to the whole Funding fiasco to the loss of key individuals in the DOS to the sudden appearance of new replacements for those individuals
    all during Maya’s absence. Three guesses who on Council is the common link?

  3. I would like to see how much severance pay has been paid out this year and the past few! The changes have been fast and furious. we worry about what has not been done and all the while we are paying for salaries with no work!

    • Yes there is a lot that the public isn’t allowed to know. Im also wondering if the staff members got fired, quit or got a payoff to go away. This should be on the books for the Districts annual financial statement.

  4. Yup, I agree with Lorien’s comments. As the expression goes: ” when the cats away the mice will play”. It has happened to Mayor Tait just as it happened to Mayor Wendal when he was off for a couple months for surgery. Again, it’s the same 3 Councillours (Kasper, Reay and Pearson) grand standing, stroking their own egos, and squeezing through as many of their own personal agenda items as possible. Berger is never far behind as the puppet to these 3 masters.
    I hope Mayor Tait returns soon and straightens these clowns out, just as Mayor Milne did when he got back.
    She was voted in, overwhelming I might add, and has the people’s support behind her to take care of business as required for the greater good of this community.

  5. Good comments. I am so opposed to any development in any park. Parks are hard come by and are in our safekeeping for our children and theirs, they may need them to grow food in an unsettled environmental future.

  6. Well written Lorien. Council should take note that Sooke region residents are aware of what’s been going on behind the Mayors back whilst she is on maternity leave!