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LETTER: New crosswalk idea for Sooke — 16 Comments

    • It’s a fine line between Mr. Bean and John Cleese, although it would be nice if pedestrians would use the existing crosswalks provided.
      I see many simply walking out in traffic, I guess because it is closer to their destination but it is always the driver’s fault if accidents happen.
      I say dance, skip, hop or boogie in any crosswalk you want….JUST USE THE CROSSWALK.

      • You do understand that any corner is a crosswalk, right? It does not require paint and a sign. The vehicles should still stop for pedestrians. I have had many drivers refuse to stop or simply ignore me if I am at an unmarked crossing…

  1. Cue further deep meaningful remarks about a light hearted topic. Chill out a little people.

  2. I LOVE IT!!! We need to have more fun & laughter in our lives! It makes us healthier and happier. 😀 I’d soooo love to use it. Already have some ideas. 😉

    • Thank for the laugh. How about a sooke crosswalk video.have an idea. Contact me to create.