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Letter: Political featherweights should consider another career — 19 Comments

  1. I am part for my First Nation council and yes it is part of the job. By a lawyers words- if you accept this job you even defamation is lessened for you to fight since you chose the position. Like actors and reasonable paparazzi

  2. I don’t see what Mr. Smith has added to the conversation. He seems to be short of information to back his judgement of the three people targeted for his negative comments. Personal comments based on little or outdated information. This is just what we don’t need. Does every letter submitted have to be published?

    • Heather,of course it has to be published – that is the idea of free speech; it may not be things you or maybe anyone likes, but every opinion should be voiced – the more informed the better…and you mentioned it was a personal comment – what type of comment would suit if not that, professional?

  3. Your facts are wrong, you sound angry no one is trying to stop anyones free speech! This whole thing is been blown way out of proportion!!

  4. Yes, it has been blown out of proportion…by council and staff members themselves. I don’t think all council members are guilty of this childish behaviour, it’s unfortunate that a few thin skinned and defensive elected officials felt the need to use bullying tactics instead of addressing the constituents queries. And now THEY wear pink and cry of being bullied because they got called out on their bad behaviour. Sigh.

  5. Scott – give your head a wee shake son! of course free speech has been curtailed in this town presently – 1) public has been told it is bullying and harrassing staff and council, not one example so we all are wary about what we can and cant say without litigation (paid by us the taxpayer to keep us, the taxpayer, quiet), beyond the Mayor’s husband waiting in the carpark to have words with a counsellor (if that counts at all), 2) there is no forum to address publicly any of them without writing in advance for approval of what you want to say, 3) staff made a public statement in their team shirts of pink against the public, in the same week a letter was signed by the Mayor and CAO threatening the public to be careful, while at the same time a gentleman tried to have a say on it on Monday but was denied – DENIED!!! staff made their statement, council made their statement, this man was DENIED his chance…if you want i will send you a link to a letter, Cato’s letter 15, written in the 1700’s about Rome and its struggle with tyranny and the importance of free speech for a free society – let me if you need it!

  6. I think it is time for us all to come to an agreement that we all possibly over reacted to the issue and spend the rest of the summer, forgiving and forgetting. Start fresh in the fall and let the matter rest. As we rest and refresh.

    So what say you all?

  7. Mr. Smith may not have all the facts it seems, but that doesn’t detract from the sorry events that preceded his letter and why mainstream media picked up on it.

    I feel that certain members of Sooke District and Council should have thought twice before sending out letters from their lawyers in the first instance!
    No matter if those letters can be argued, by the Mayor, as being sent from one private individual to another, and not by the District/Council as a whole, the public will simply feel that the letters were sent with the full knowledge of all District/Council members and therefore construed as being backed by the Mayor, District and Council. No matter wether that is the truth or not, that’s how it is being seen locally in my honest opinion.

    I fully Support Sooke Pocket News for persistently asking questions of the District/Council in the first instance. SPN should continue to do so, hopefully with the support of the public.

    The fact that some individuals of District/Council may find being questioned embarrassing to the point where they feel they are being ‘harassed’ or ‘bullied’ is, to me, laughable!
    If you are in public office you should ‘expect’ to be challenged and asked to explain your actions. If you don’t give justifiable answers then the questions will keep coming!
    The last thing the press or public need is a response through legal council! That’s just wrong on many counts!

    What has come out of this is a simple message. Ask too many questions, be persistent and you will likely be served by District/Council members, acting individually, to try and shut you up.

    I would love it if someone could explain how they might see it another way.

  8. I have been concerned that recent events would curtail/stop the Citizens of Sooke from utilizing their right to Free Speech.

    This is Canada ! We have a Charter of Rights. We have Free Speech and the Right to Use It.

    This is one of the things that makes everyone of us Proud to be a Canadian and marks our difference from so many other countries’ in this world.

    To deny this is simply wrong.

    So is anybody that does so.

  9. People need to ask themselves if their free speech is actually compromised or is Council listening and they just have an opposing view to what they want to see done. As far as having municipal taxpayers pay for the printing of Council Agendas and Minutes, you are battling world change on that issue, not just Council. Electronic documents are the standard now. You are more likely to be reading them in augmented or virtual reality than on paper in the future.

    • Nice to read a response from someone who has a grasp of the issues, not the usual malcontents. This one subject has been blown out of all proportion and has succeeded in giving the town an undeserved black eye. How’s that for free speech, it goes both ways.

      • I’ll take a black eye any day over losing my right to Free Speech.

        • Seems you are still free to express your opinion, so where’s the problem. Somebody should call a Waambulance for you people.

  10. Is it just me or does any one else see the past few years of this Council’s controversies always leading back to the same three individuals…the three K’s? Fact be fact, the Mayor has gotten drawn into the middle of the antics by these three and their handpicked CAO (and now her hand picked “Deputy-whatever-he-is”), and feels she has to defend them. Somehow, a vote of non-confidence or something needs to occur to oust the three K’s and their allied staffers. Many eyes are watching Sooke and the detrimental effects of these political game-players has wide reaching negative impacts for our community from an economic development, resident relocation, and general faith perspective. Be careful Mayor, you are being played by the these puppet masters who are only fuelling their own egos and agendas, and everyone is suffering because of it.

    • Notwithstanding the fact that I agree with some of what you say about the shenanigans that went on during the mayor’s absence, this whole censorship/free press debacle and subsequent coverage in the regional media has done more to damage the perception of this town and it’s citizens than I think was either warranted or intended.
      You don’t like a politician, vote them out…we have this thing called the electoral process, which trumps bitching and whining.