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LETTER: Poor financial planning by the District is not illegal — 9 Comments

  1. Still no reason for the staff to get up and walk out when Gail Hall spoke what her understanding was. If Gail was not understanding correctly they should have spoke up and helped all understand instead of just getting up walking out and citing Harassment and bullying.

    Thanks for posting this though for those of us who are just trying to understand what they did. 🙂

    • “Poor planning” is not an emergency, either. If the budget allocation changes made in 2016 were not anticipated for 2016, it is allowed to amend the plan any time with proper public consultation. It is a violation of the Community Charter to go outside the financial plan for other than an emergency: violation means illegal, right? Deciding to make a change in the delivery of services is not an emergency.

      I think Mr. Joseph was “after the fact” when he said Council had to pass the amendments. Someone should have advised Council to pass the new plan before acting on it.

  2. Seems to me you are making a lot of assumptions because there is not enough information available…which is part of the problem.

  3. Thanks to Mr. Myrick for the information, but there isn’t any facts about what Staff or Council did. Wr. Myrick is doing a lot of assuming, wondering and guessing. We dont need more Sooke residents wondering what Council and Staff is doing, after the walk out and refusing to answer questions that residents were asking, it would be nice if one of them showed up in this forum and answered some questions! We promise not to walk out on you.

  4. There seems to be concern with staff leaving the meeting. Regardless of the topics being discussed there should be no staff at that meeting especially 8 of them and half of them being junior positions. Paying 8 staff overtime to sit there just to cover some elected individual who should be able to answer or to get an answer doesn’t cut it. If Ms Hall failed to have understanding as was suggested it sure didn’t sound like it or her bedside manner could use some work.

  5. lots of assumptions Tom leading you to believe this or that…and all based upon guesswork on your part….process is the topic and moving funds from one to another under the guise of emergency and whether it is proper is the question