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Letter: PR is a bad idea that opens the door to fringe groups — 8 Comments

  1. Yes well we have done all the research and tried to make all the right decisions. We tried to vote for the right things through the big government parties but now find that the fringe parties like the Greens have more of our personal needs in their platforms.
    The only way we will be represented is for voting PR and getting a voice from a fringe group.
    We need to be heard. Do the big parties actually know the difference between right and wrong? Doesn’t look like it.
    Vote pr. Be heard even if you have a small voice.

    • P.S. from January 2017. “BC’s poverty rate is virtually unchanged from where it was a decade ago yet the province remains the only one in Canada without a poverty reduction plan.

      And it’s not because BC doesn’t have a poverty problem. At 13.2 per cent, BC’s poverty rate is the second highest in the country says a new report – Long Overdue: Why BC Needs a Poverty Reduction Plan, co-published today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), the United Way of the Lower Mainland and the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition.”

      The poverty rate in Ireland is around 8% according to Wikipedia.

  2. Research, please. The second referendum is planned for after two election cycles. Not after two years. And we are not Italy. That is a fact. And according to Wikipedia, Ireland must have something going for it:

    Credit rating
    Standard & Poor’s:[20]
    A+ (Domestic)
    A+ (Foreign)
    AAA* (T&C Assessment)
    Outlook: Stable
    Outlook: Stable
    Outlook: Stable

    Main data source: CIA World Fact Book
    All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars.

    The labour productivity level of Ireland is third highest in Europe. OECD, 2015[23]
    The economy of Ireland is a knowledge economy, focused on services into high-tech, life sciences and financial services industries. Ireland is an open economy (6th on the Index of Economic Freedom), and ranks first for high-value foreign direct investment (FDI) flows.[24] In the global GDP per capita tables, Ireland ranks 5th of 187 in the IMF table and 6th of 175 in the World Bank ranking.

    • Ireland dug themselves out of a deep financial hole by offering the worlds lowest corporate tax rates. In result, large companies such as Google, Facebook, Paypal, Microsoft, Ebay, and LinkedIn located there. In Canada, we are raising corporate tax and sending our corporate headquarters to the US. Not to mention a 50 million dollar daily discount on our oil to the US. Alberta is now trucking oil to the States. The US is putting more cars on the road with our cheaper oil prices. Go Green.

      • Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. Voltaire

        • Toyota in the US cancelling it’s production of the Yaris and increasing production of it’s trucks; would be absurd to think that it has anything to do with the 20,000 KM increase in pipeline constructed under the Obama government, increase in shale oil extraction, and supplemented with our Canadian discounted oil at 50M per day. Go Green. Nice quote though.

  3. Voltaire said “I respect your right to disagree with my opinions, and I will defend with my life your right to say them”.
    Thank you, Maggie, we should have a free discussion here, and respect each other’s opinions without personal attacks and condemnation.
    Everyone is frustrated with year over year of poverty, homelessness, and the environment getting worse, not better.
    The fault is with the people who we elect; they make promises they don’t keep.
    Keeping us divided, fearful, angry, frustrated and fed up, and fighting with each other, reduces the number of people who vote, because they see voting doesn’t seem to change anything for the better.
    It is my opinion, the powers that be, i.e. the ruling class, who control the banks and industry, don’t want these problems to be solved.
    They have been able to take advantage of average folks for centuries, and enriching themselves through divide and conquer tactics by taking vast tracks of land for farming and mining. Think of the Scottish and Irish Clearances and the potato famine. Think of the Hudson’s Bay Company 150 years ago.
    HGTV and other tv channels entice people into an unsustainable and debt-inducing lifestyle of the rich and famous, where everyone wants granite or Italian marble countertops and stainless steel appliances.
    Lowe’s is closing 51 stores across Canada and the US.
    We’ve already lost most Rona stores, so now it’s down to Home Hardware, Canadian Tire and Home Depot.
    Sears took over Eatons, closed them all, and now Sears is bankrupt.
    Hudson’s Bay is owned by Americans.
    How did these things happen? Who will protect Canadian businesses large and small?
    Premier Horgan is a prime example of frustration.
    He supported the residents of Shawnigan Lake in their effort to stop an industry from turning their source of drinking water into a toxic soup. But the site has not been cleaned up, and the rain is causing runoff, poisoning their water anyway.
    Where is Premier Horgan? And for that matter, where are the Greens who got elected because of this issue, and are propping up the BC NDP government?
    For me, the question is, how can we prevent the people we elect from becoming co-opted by the system, by enjoying power and becoming greedy? PR and FPTP don’t have safeguards other than vote for someone else next time, if you have a choice; or, don’t vote at all.
    Italy is a mess, but they deal with the Mafia, the Church, towns and families who were or weren’t fascists, earthquakes, and more.
    Ireland’s economy was undermined by the IMF and the World Bank just when it was doing well, attracting young people back with great jobs and careers. And Northern Ireland is still a sore issue.
    People have been trying to sort out a better form of government and governance for centuries. Corruption power and greed need to be addressed and stopped or nothing will change, whether it;s FPTP or PR.
    Thanks again to Britt for letting me express my opinions here.

  4. I consider myself to be a champion of fairness, and FPTP is not fair. Make all votes count. Coalition governments work for the common good. What’s wrong with fringe groups? They may expose something you had not thought about. 5% is a huge fringe. If in doubt follow the money.