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Letter: Revisioning Lot A and Mariners Village, Part II — 7 Comments

  1. It will never happen. We have had referendums here in Sooke and they always get voted down.
    Would be nice to hear from our Library rep Councillor Reay on the status of Lot A
    The District has bought lots of land over the years. We have golf and horseshoes and lots of parks.
    Their biggest mistake is passing on the old clubhouse next to the Municipal Hall.

  2. Sooke is in desperate need of property tax revenue-generating developments that take advantage of the lovely scenery and the waterfront. Such development should, in my view, emphasize housing (both rental and purchase) for all ages and income brackets with paths , viewing points, and other amenities included in the design. Sooke recently lost a significant housing project by Habitat for Humanity largely because we couldn’t get past the local opposition to the project location and the desire to retain green space. Sooke will only stay vibrant and desirable as a good place to live and raise families if we can increase the available housing stock. More public parks on prime waterfront acreage don’t cut it. I would therefore not support the waterfront park proposal as presented.

  3. Personally I hope that we never see high rises in Sooke, and a view of the ocean from Sooke Road is never spoiled by ugly tall buildings. The citizens of Sooke, East Sooke, Otter point and beyond, have the good fortune of living in a natural park.

  4. Your idea is what should happen. But unfortunately it won’t The greed of developers and local politicians far surpasses common sense and decency. The last thing Sooke needs to remain liveable is more development and higher buildings. Over the past 15 years Sooke has gone from a quaint west coast villiage to an ugly overdeveloped superb of Langford . It’s sad too see and it’s sad to say that money talks and common sense walks. The buildings will go up, the trees will come down and the developers and Sooke politicians will watch with glee as they count their money.

  5. At Ed McGregor Park, the public bathroom has been disabled for over a year now. If one bathroom can’t be repaired or replaced or protected from vandals, how do you think that the park you envision could be? I see a lot of taxpayers contributing and then tent city vagrants moving in.

  6. So much to envision and takes time to digest…which I’m still doing. The negative thinking naysayers’ will always be there. Take a lesson from Michelle Obama, aim high despite those who go low. The proposals are visionary. My biggest takeaway would be to, ASAP, groom the land, to (perhaps) eventual parkland, along Sooke Rd. from The Sooke Backhoe location to the light at Church, eliminating the abandoned house, down to the waterfront condos, would be going a long way to enhancing the entrance to our village. It’s a start…