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Letter: Sooke Council failed to sufficiently publicize Lion’s clubhouse proposal — 7 Comments

  1. The District of Sooke is currently implementing plans from over a decade ago, unbelievable mismanagement of this District.

  2. Although I support the idea of this much needed event center, if not here, where else should a new community hall be built? I don’t believe it should be on the Lion’s valuable piece of property in the centre of town behind the Pizza place…it’s too small, but has a commercial land swap been considered? Green space is getting hard to find in town.

  3. Are the naysayers, those who oppose this forward thinking proposal, the same that seem to oppose most plans presented under our Public Administration? There has been nothing underhanded about the manner in which proposal has been presented, if anything it tips
    the hand to the objectors.. you only need to complete the objection form at the DOS.
    I’m not born and raised in Sooke, it’s been my adopted home for 17-18 yrs now, but I do
    follow, very closely I might add, our present and previous Administrations decisions which
    has been mostly positive in the growth our beautiful community. To the naysayers, I suggest, wake up. It’s 2021
    move on and forward.

  4. Painting Sooke as an us and them is not constructive. However, now that you have asked, I have been an us up to the fast tracking of the dog compound in the Ponds Corridor Park and now the proposed clubhouse in the JFMP.

  5. A question to be answered is what is the current Lions membership number, projected growth, age demographic, recruitment numbers past few years to justify a potential 100 year lease in a coveted green space? I don’t dispute they do great work for the community. An outdoor stage in an area of condensed housing is not a project selling feature for anyone within the range of the coming noise and parking issues.