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Letter: Sooke Lions proposal is sensitive to green space, report completed per requirements — 8 Comments

  1. There is:
    Prestige Hotel,Comunity Hall,Catholic Church,Sea Parc,and the High School,
    Between them all,they provide enough space to cover from small to large gatherings.They have allready been doing so.The Lions Club will secure this property for up to 100 years.Is this the fair and right thing to do???.

  2. As the Lions roar to make the park no more, I have to ask if there really is a future need for a facility build of that size. What is the current age demographic of Lions members and is there a good recruitment of younger members? Is this this a build it and they will come situation? I respect the work that the Lions currently do. I am just wondering about their future needs. Thanks

  3. Dear Sooke Lions, The “…proposal is sensitive to green space…” and Community needs are indeed a reality of the Sooke Lions. I also agree that Sooke is growing and as such needs more places to do more things in its current Parks. Putting a facility in the John Phillips Park would be beneficial, not detrimental. Please keep sharing more and more about what is being offered by this proposal.

  4. If the Sooke Lions Club is very sensitive to the loss of green space, build it elsewhere.

    • A sloping events grass field parking lot draining towards Notts Pond is not good in the long term.

  5. There are numerous spaces in Sooke with derelict homes on them tear one of those down, don’t take another green space for your own needs, not everyone needs a daycare, and we have many places already that could support the items you listed. Why do all residents have to lose their green space for a small part of the community. Stay home and look after your children instead of throwing them into daycare. Live within your means, or don’t have children! It is a choice YOU made! When did daycares become the entire communities responsibility?! You chose to have children, you should have planned in advance and lived in a location that had daycare available.

  6. At 300 person capacity for a community gathering place how much parking area is going to be needed?

  7. Once park land is gone its gone , giving up Murray road land is not a good deal . As far as a ESS center or EOC this is a joke as we have loads of schools new library’s/ Sea Pac (made earthquake proof) etc. for the ESS services . The above comments explain the other function locations for events . I think the Sooke lions do a great job but this land should stay a park and its going to be even a bigger deal as when the town hall needs more room . They say a few walkers and dog walkers use the park Lol joke there are loads of people using this area for markets/political meetings/concerts/art/meditation/painting class’s etc list goes on. making this land smaller will reduce access to what a “car park” “buildings” noise etc. Sooke lions please find somewhere more accessible with less impact on park lands . Again the Lions do a great job and i do not wish to upset them .