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Letter to the Editor: Sooke resident hopes Council has ears open to all feedback on the proposed dog park — 8 Comments

  1. It seems to be the decision has already been made to put the dog compound in the ponds park corridor and now they are just proving public cosultation.

  2. In my humble opinion, the municipality would be in a better position to leave the parks as they are with free access to humans and animals while leaving the funds allocated to developing other publicly owned parks such as Kaltasin Beach and locations that are NOT in a densely populated residential area. Why push for an unleashed dog-park when there are so many freely accessible locations? Dogs should not be off-leash anyway (professionally speaking) in any area that is publicly accessed as there are too many negative variables such as hostile, improperly trained, unhealthy, and intact dogs. Very rarely can an owner recall a dog once it has encountered wild life, other animals such as cats, rodents, horses, etc. as well as people who do not desire interactions with dogs on OR off-leash.

    I am very concerned that there is a high probability of liability issues for our municipality if dogs or owners or others are attacked. Many studies done equate successful dog parks with dog clubs with volunteers who will monitor the facility at all times of use. This question was raised at the last council meeting and a once a day check in by a bylaw officer 5 times per week is not adequate for monitoring disturbing and abusive behaviour by either dog owners or dogs. I am an animal lover and own my own pets and livestock, however I would never allow my animals to be out of my yard, vehicle or off-saddle without leashes and/or a bridle.

    I believe that the funds set aside for the dog park construction would be better put to use to create additional trails and walkways for everyone to use and respect rather then create a potential problem where NONE exists now…especially for the residents of the Ponds Corridor community neighbourhoods. Perhaps a referendum should be done in the fall to find out how many residents would like a noisy dog park in their nearby vicinity.

    As for those who have dogs in townhouses, apartments and condominiums there is always common area designated for use of residents as well as many kilometres of parks and trails for everyone to use and enjoy without creating a noisy, smelly and busy dog park near a dense residential area.

    • A few corrections: freed should be free access AND neighbourhoos should be neighbourhoods 😉 thanks for this forum SPN!

    • 100% agree with these comments, our parks and trails are already littered with dog feces collection bags that careless owners leave all over town. Parks are for everyone’s use, this is a misuse of resident funds, not to mention those that live in this area will be subjected to the barking noise of dozens of dogs at once! What a total nightmare! Dog barking carrries extremely loudly and most neighbours already have to deal with annoying barking dogs already let alone all gathered in one place!

  3. The motion to proceed is to be ratified on Monday, July 26. If you have concerns, please join us in person outside of City Hall, on the fire hall side, on Monday, July 26 at 6:30 pm. We also urge you to send your concerns to Mayor and Council by letter, as well as email, prior to this meeting. Together we can keep Ponds Corridor open for everyone to enjoy.

  4. I witnessed a total disregard for the residents of the Sooke Ponds Community who numbered about 50 that showed up in person in the parking lot at Sooke Municipal Hall to express their opposition to the Ponds Corridor Fenced Dog Park construction. Because of Covid-19 PHO restrictions no one was allowed into Council Chambers however opposition letters were submitted; a neighbourhood representative spoke for the residents and yet, all of this activity was ignored. Is this the way anyone of us who has a problem with a dog park being installed in our adjacent property is going to be treated?

    Although correspondence was submitted opposing the park and none supporting it was sent (according to Councillor Beddows) none was acknowledged by council. The fact that almost 9 years ago a special community hall meeting was set up to address this proposal and it was denied, was directly ignored and we the watchers were told that ‘the public wants this’ yet no evidence was presented nor had anyone spoke FOR the park. There were vague references to a petition submitted for a dog park in Sooke the specified location was not clear.

    So my disgust and sadness for the mistreatment of the residents of the Sooke Ponds Corridor Neighbourhood Association is evident. Approximately 71% are against this yet council is set to construct it as soon as possible. I wonder how many residents of Sooke would like to have a dog park within 30 metres or less of their property? I wonder if any of the councillors live within the Ponds Corridor? I wonder what the devaluation of properties are going to be when the noise and traffic become a negative for homeowner values?

    I would love to be proven wrong and I sincerely hope no one has to spend a night next to a dog kennel because that is exactly what this is going to sound like. If anyone is wondering why permanent dog parks don’t exist in other local communities just ask Saanich Councillors why they haven’t approved one for their municipality.

  5. I see a push to establish two cost effective dog compounds regardless of what surrounding residents say so the district can move onto a leash bylaw and serve special interest groups in John Phillips Memorial Park. The other compound being part of the new development at Wadams Way and Church. A leash bylaw at John Phillips park will result in the return of the geese and their mess.