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Letter: Tonight’s agenda includes allowing temporary business permits — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! This council is so sneaky, I am presuming this to mean anyone can start up a business in a residential area? We need to remember which councillors vote for this come Election Day.

  2. Well. All present councillors except Maja and Ebony, voted to move this forward to a public meeting , making comments that the new council would gave to deal with it. Well, they shpuld have done their homework. Now they will wear it at the public hearing in Oct 1st. Great shocked faces.
    This. Would change the OCP and if even reviewed next year this would be in place so the OCP would be redundant.they had opportunity to use their own policy to stop operation. Non if then had ever heard about this policy. Really. I knew. Do they not read the
    Policies and bylaws they pass. Derek nade an excellent presentation and included all the truths yet council ignored the truths , just as Kasper ignored the truths presented ti council last year and he even jeared at my presentation which included a copy from land titles stating the date of purchase of property being sept 2000 which certainly doesn’t confirm to any, Legal non confirming and the shop built without permit was not built until

    2003.farm status for this land was claimed until 2014. Pay it back.
    Council is weak and wimpy and i am thouroughly disgusted with their lack of responsible governance. See you at the polls