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Letter: An unidentified flying object in Sooke skies on Sunday — 24 Comments

  1. It seemed to be “man made”, although it did not act like a conventional aircraft. I’m sure many explanations will be made available, but it did not behave in a fashion that I can associate to something that I know of… Remains a mystery so far!

  2. wondering what the rule is with the boat and trailer parking at the prestige. most parking spots for the trailers are occupied with cars??? people complaining about trailers parking on the road when 1/2 are filled with cars. is the overflow parking open for cars???

  3. I say someone release a balloon test the theory lol Cody Tucker video doesn’t act like a balloon to me.. and the Balloon was lost at 7.. object seen several hours prior. Lmao who am I kidding I just want sooke to be a conspiracy theory

  4. I would like to believe that it was balloons but I am not certain that’s what I saw. It was at extreme altitude, and moved in an erratic fashion. If it’s a weather balloon this may be possible.

  5. Looks like the jet I saw. The sun was so bright it reflected off the plane and looked like a ball . I know it was a plane I saw cause I watched it till it went behind the tree tops. But I swear it looked like a UFO for a while.