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Letters and Comments policy — 7 Comments

    • So my comments got deleted because it had a big bad adult world in it. I actually find the ignorance and discrimination against certain people more offensive than a flipping swear word!!!!!

    • I understand that. But getting upset and resorting to insulting or swearing only creates division. It can’t help. We like Sooke PocketNews, right? It’s an opportunity to try to get along better and share differing views with one another. It would be sad to see such an opportunity deteriorate because we can’t control our voices and wind up stressing out the creator/editor of this page.

    • I like people who don’t bully those who are not in a place they might want to be in life. I would like sooke pocket more if they actually stood UP for this man instead of allowing him to be discriminated against by sooke finest. Which happen to be her “friends”. I guess that makes it on hey? Not And unfortunately I am also bullied by these people so yes I have every right to be upset and pissed off over it. Needs to stop immediately. Sooke pocket you need to stop allowing the bullying. Makes YOU look bad