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Sooke Library Update: Site plans ready to be finalized — 11 Comments

    • Eventually all of lot a will be developed. Frankly I would rather not waste the limited land base providing road access through the property. There will be a trail connecting, but I would rather see as much land preserved for community amenities be they a seniors / community centre and a public square.

  1. Huh… A rectangle shaped building with an L shaped parking squished in the corner of the property. Glad the consultants went all in on the design work.

    • It’s that corner of the property that has been supplied to the library board, eventually it will be part of a larger complex.

      As for the design, how about actually seeing it before you comment on the look. That is just a placeholder on a map to give you a rough indication of size. Take a look at recent building that VIPL have built or have put designs out before you write off the project.

    • There is already a two lane driveway turning into a trail coming down the side of the library site (in the drawing). Pedestrian connection is there anyway. Would make sense to connect the driveway the whole way to me.

    • That would divert traffic away from that intersection. People living further up otter point and up church rd would be able to access that mall via waddams way. I make that turn at least 4x a day.

  2. The reason the road is not in next to western foods is because some council members previously insisted on putting in a lane, not a road. Waddams way was to be a bypass, WHICH MEANS NO MORE ROADS ONTO TO IT.
    I agree Ricky, one should access from the mall , but then i also wish we the taxpayer would have had input in the first place about a library and what we wanted to see,not a closed in VIRL group with NO public input except public money. Wasteful wasteful. We had and still have some awesome opportunities right downtown for a library and multi – use facility.