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Election BC 2017 Results: Minority government — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, it certainly shows that every vote counts. If we could squeak out an NDP minority government, we might also get some form of proportional representation. Minority governments are about consultation and co-operation, which sometimes feels like compromise. Two good candidates won new seats for the Greens on the island. They did not split the vote in their ridings. Each had a really good chance to win the seat from the beginning. Other places, I can’t say. Hindsight is less useful than foresight.

  2. Yes, all this talk about splitting the vote to scare people away from voting #Green and now it is the Greens who will hold the MLAs to account if they try to slam through a law or bill that is just for big business and will actually hurt the province. But stay tuned.. Ms Clark may dissolve the government if she doesn’t get her way and we will have another election in a few months.

  3. Hope and good feelings seems to win votes along with a plan to get something and have someone else pay for it.