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Local credit union donates $1,000 to the Sooke Food Bank — 6 Comments

    • N we’ve donated plenty of clothes n toys for kids this year so slow ur roll. What do u work there lol, banks disgust me. Only out for themselves, then corporate tells each branch to dole out money here n there to look good.
      Complete joke. They want to help families, change rates n hidden fees throughout, I could say a list of things parents of children would benefit more then a k of our money they use to make there profit

    • You do realize that a bank or credit union isn’t a big brick building full of money right? Yes I do work there. We collected for the food bank as well. We also volunteered our personal time to help the Christmas Bureau give needy families in Sooke groceries and toys. We also collected hats and mittens for kids without. It’s not a contest….it’s giving at Christmas time. Try focusing on that instead of the negative.

    • Ur right n I completely appreciate any work hard working employees like urself do. N yes I realize what a credit union is, saying otherwise its basically calling me a moron, so thanks for that.
      I’ll leave it alone my dislike I have for credit unions/banks/ big brick bldgs lol