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Local vehicles targeted on Church, Dover and Country Roads — 16 Comments

  1. The recorded message when you call the sooke complaint line needs to be changed. A good majority of the people who call in think they cant report because it says the office is closed. The message then is really long. People dont know that if tge wait until the very end of the long message it patches you through to westshore.

  2. On Sunday night a group of older teens broke into our shed that backs onto John Phillips Park and stole one mountain board, two long boards and one custom skate board. This happened around midnight. They were seen the next day riding the skate boards in the Stoneridge area. Other neighbor’s have report someone shinnning flash lights into their windows and walking through yards and leaving gates open. Maybe this is the same group of thieves.

  3. I’ll echo the article, it’s always important to report anything and everything. The more Info they have, dates, times, locations, will allow them patrol high probability areas.

    Also, it might be worth considering a neighbourhood watch program or at the very least a bunch of people walking their dogs together to reduce the window of opportunity.

  4. I totally agree that the RCMP need to know “when” these events are occurring! Seeing something suspicious – then call – while calling – keep an eye on the suspects so further information (reliable) can be passed on to the members attending. Look at clothing/sneakers – type and color – hair length and color if visible. If a vehicle is involved – look at color, make, etc and direction of travel. Use the skills that you have and we can help to stop these people.

  5. People really MUST report to the RCMP right away… not after chatting about it on Facebook for hours on end! The police don’t always make their presence apparent to everyone when investigating crimes. They conduct undercover investigations too. The more info they have from the public… the more they can build a more substantial case against those breaking the law. IMHO

  6. The police need to change there phone message when people call after hours or on the weekend they thiink the RCMP are closed and can’t report until the next day. The message states the office is closed and it is very long and drawn out. If you wait until the end it transfers you to westshore.

  7. With the budget the RCMP is alloted, they are doing their best.
    I know they have requested more man hours but they cannot be everywhere either.
    Regular patrols of streets when we are sleeping has been effective in reducing the potential for crimes in Victoria city police as well as private Security companies patrol their streets at night when all the trouble happens.
    We are not Victoria, however our crime rate has been increasing we all can tell that is the case.
    Reporting activities that seem strange, is important.
    D’ont put a post on Facebook and not follow up with at least a call to the rcmp. They need to know where and what time exactly the these crimes are occuring.
    No one solution is going to stop these crimes of opportunity , however making it more difficult for these predators to hide in the dark is part of the solution.