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Log Watch launches, and starts counting — 35 Comments

  1. British Columbians need to know what is going on with the public resources on crown land. Actions like this one are meant to get conversations started around dinner tables in this region and to provide facts for those conversations. To be clear and to be fair, initiatives like this are not anti-logging, rather they are pro-sustainable resource extraction. BC owes a huge debt to resource-extractive industries and many people are coming to believe that the industries owe a debt of responsible management to those resources: manage them properly for longevity.

    Here is something else with a Sooke base:

    • Yes, this is a BC election year and also our Softwood Lumber agreement has expired and is being negotiated with the US. Our TFL.. tree farm licences used to be tied to the local mills but have been given to foreign companies to harvest. There are no jobs, no mills and no profit to communities near the harvest sites. We need to find a politician to get behind that will reverse what is happening in our forests.

  2. Particularly loved the quote “Remember that the very first BC Forest Minister was jailed for accepting a $10,000 bribe from Western Forest Products, in exchange for the very first Tree Farm License.” – did some googling because I couldn’t remember when this happened… in 1955-1957… Kind of an obscure reference IMO. But yeah, everyone has something that they’re passionate about so I’ll wish them luck.

  3. Replanting trees isn’t the same as restoring a forested ecosystem. It just creates monoculture tree farms. Biodiversity is needed for a forest to be healthy, resilient, and provide a wide range of habitats for wildlife. Tree farms do not provide this.

  4. This is ridiculous Sooke has and will always be know for its logging and fishing, unfortunately the fishing has died down over the years and we have lost our mills but these people need to find something to do. Have a look around!!! Go for a drive!!! There is a lot of lumber out there and hopefully for every tree that is being loaded onto a logging truck a tree planter is planting two new trees in its place.

  5. Or to wipe your ass!!!! People think that removing a tree is such a crime but they have no idea of how many different products that they use every day that are made from wood. I can’t wait to see these people counting logging trucks it will take everything in my power not to walk up and say something to them!!!!

    • It’s your choice to drive a car that scrapes the pavement. Drive a real vehicle and potholes created by the vehicles that bring the necessary products to build the house you live in wouldn’t be such an issue. Lol. No I’m kidding, I totally hear ya. They cause some major damage – it’d be nice if Highways would spend a little more time patching (or maybe resurfacing?) the roads that actually get used.

  6. Trees make oxygen and that provides life to any creature with lungs. They are one of the key mechanisms for the sequestering of Co2 from our troubled atmosphere.There is hope for our ever warming planet by maintaining sustainable forest practices.
    Todays log truck count stood at 21 loads from 6am.to 1pm. That is a lot of wood fiber leaving the Jaun de Fuca.

  7. I am slightly amused to read this story. You don’t have to be a genius to realize the twigs these trucks are hauling are “old growth” planted in the 1970s.

  8. Do these people counting logging trucks not have anything else to do during their day. These guys are working and earning a living. Maybe they should a go for a walk and enjoy life. Just saying.

  9. Our first Log Watch Witness Station was a great success. It’s actually great fun to spend time outside on a gorgeous spring day by the Roundabout! We counted 24 (!) full truckloads passing out of Sooke. They carried harvest ranging in age from spindly (30 yrs?) to thick and gnarly (100+ yrs). We are finding that this volume and rate of extraction is perhaps unprecedented, given the lack of accountable oversight by both government and industry. Our Watch continues today through Friday. To be clear–we are not AGAINST forestry and logging. We believe in fact that there can and should be MORE JOBS in the sector, if our forests are managed wisely. Please try to visit our Witness Station by the Roundabout. And be sure to visit our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/688088801293691/) for more information. Thanks.

  10. My family made their living from logging, but Dad always did selective logging. What they are taking out now are not logs but tooth picks. They destroy everything to get them. It is sad but will continue.

  11. There needs to be a lot more conversation around innovation and value-add to the fibre, and the uses of fibre for high-value exports, instead of the simple shipping off of raw logs to Asia. But you have heard this before of course. But this is where some government investment is needed. Wood innovation. Why are there no wood innovation centres or incubators on the Island? What a shame. What an opportunity.

  12. Let’s ask why Sooke is no longer what it used to be in terms of traditional jobs. Only the stupid would deny that overkill of resources has had no effect here. Obviously the log watch people are on to something. Sustainability is not just a buzzword – it is most urgent.

  13. Sorry, second sentence should read ‘only the stupid would claim that overkill of resources has had no effect here’.