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Lot A brush clearing costs up to $50k; doesn’t include garbage or structure removal — 8 Comments

  1. As I said at the council meeting, I can’t help but think that the discussion and the delay in the zoning has had something to do with the delay in the start up of the library. In my opinion all I got was the ” deer in headlights look”

  2. Before anyone jumps to conclusions on the costs of cleanup ($50,000.00)they need to consider what the cleanup entails. Skid steer on average is $100.00/hr, tandem truck $100.00/hr. Dump fee for removal of a boat? Maybe crush it and dump it $400.00 bucks if a small boat. Miscellaneous refuse from squatters, are their used needles, feces, mold…etc? Liability insurance, bonding and WCB fees. Every business has overhead to consider. Should their be a couple other quotes to compare, yes! Now that the district owns the land it has a liability to ensure its safety. Is the $50,000.00 at the high end of the spectrum? Perhaps, but i haven’t walked through it to make that conclusion.

  3. Seems like a regular municipality-level cost to me. There’s alot of crap to be removed back there, it’s never been maintained and its a decent sized property… I mean, in regular people terms the cost is outrageous, but leave it to contractors who bid on government contracts to stick it to the taxpayers pocket book… they make me just as mad (if not more) as the politicians who are willing to fork out the cash on outrageous bills.

    Seems in sookes case it’s gonna be 50g or let it continue to deteriate and present dangers.