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Mar 29 Council Meeting – SPN takeaways — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Britt, great report. No need to review the tape, and much appreciation for that! . Surely it’s about time a third chair was added to that empty media table to ensure you always have a seat 🙂

  2. Excellent reporting and your thoroughness is appreciated Britt.
    My sense is that Council is doing yet another “end run” with the EPCOR decision by not going to a public referendum on the issue. Let’s remember Kasper’s campaign platform 2 terms ago when he austersized and critized the efforts of the previous mayor and CAO for doing the EPCOR deal. He campaigned against it hard! It took 6 years, but I guess he finally got his way by quashing the EPCOR deal in 2016. Curious, did he excuse himself from the vote for conflict of interest regarding this decision because he certainly has a bias.
    Also, I wonder how Kasper’s math makes sense of tax savings of $250K for maintenance and operations. Will it be done by volunteers for free? No, it’ll still cost money. Let’s all watch how much this amounts to over time.
    Last thought….does anyone else hope that when Mayor Tait returns that she’ll take Kasper, Reay and Pearson to task for all their monkey business over the past 4 months she’s been on maternity leave?

  3. Germaine – good post and good question at the end btw….i wouldnt hold my breath….