Starting January 1 2019, Sooke PocketNews becomes a subscription-based service.


Charter Subscriber
$8 per month ($0.27/day)
Gift Subscriptions
$1.99 per week, for 24 weeks
Trial rate $8/mo for one full year, and after that its $10/mo (gst added). Monthly payments of $8 + $0.40 gst. Cancel anytime. Gift 24 weeks to a friend (or yourself!), for only $1.99 per week (gst added). Single payment of $50.15 ($47.76+ $2.39 gst).

Regular Rates

$10 per month ($0.33/day)
This subscription option gives you a trial rate of $8/mo for three months, and after that you are converted to $10/mo (gst added). Just checking things out? This $5 option gives you one day unlimited access to SPN.


  • Need Other Payment Options? Payments are processed through Paypal. Please contact SPN to arrange for other types of payment, and we can process your subscription manually.
  • What Changes, What Doesn’t. Prices listed above are subject to change. Once you’ve entered into a subscription, those rates will not change.
  • BN 805160744
  • GST Number: 805160744RT0001

With your subscription, you get:

  • Full access to SPN articles (political cover, events, photo galleries, human interest articles, etc)
  • A daily newsletter delivered to your inbox (separate signup required).
  • The ability to promote your causes and fundraisers.
  • Submit articles and letters directly online (limited to subscribers starting Jan 2019).
  • Decide if your letters are limited to subscribers or opened up to a broader base.