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Message from Mainroad South: Roads are serviced on a priority basis — 8 Comments

  1. Wondering what the traffic rules are for driving behind plows? I always thought the rule was traffic are suppose to stay behind the plow and well back, unless the plow driver flags you past. Just looking for clarification as we don’t have to contend with snow plows often in this area.

    • Hi Laurel, Great question!

      According to Mainroad Group, who does our clearing, the following recommendations apply:

      “Help our operators do their work to keep the roads clear by following these safety tips:

      “Maintain a safe following distance when approaching highway maintenance vehicles. Snow plows have limited visibility and operators cannot see directly behind their trucks.

      “On some highways, two or more snow plows may be staggered across multiple lanes with the plow in front pushing snow towards the plows behind. This is an effective way to quickly clear wide areas so stay behind these plowing operations and don’t try to pass. When you attempt to pass, you put yourself, the truck operator, and the driving public at risk.

      “Remember the road surface ahead of the plow hasn’t been plowed yet therefore please slow down and be patient. The operator will eventually pull over and let you pass safely.”

      I’ll create a general snow file with that information.

  2. I’m wondering when Mainroad is going to reconsider that the road west of Sooke is part of highway 14. As far the requirements for having roads plowed, we meet 3 out of the hove listed 4. We have 2 roads out of Port Renfrew and neither one has been plowed. Looks like your end of the contract bonus is going to be a big one.

  3. bull I wouldn’t call my neighborhood a priority and yet earlier today they were whipping around here…literally going a little a fast in a residential area. lucky I heard them so I could get my kids off the road