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Minimum wage: Have your say — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t understand the last statement? Businesses need to be able to afford it????
    In order to afford it, prices need to be raised on products, which raises the cost of living again, so the raise does nothing but keep things hard.
    Employee costs are huge, if the company is just making it, it is hard to pay higher wages.
    To need to be able to afford it, prices go up, or less staff are hired, which means less jobs offered, which are few and far between.
    I would rather see jobs being offered, and a business make it.

  2. The real minimum wage is $0 if you can’t find a job.

    Raising the minimum wage just makes finding a job harder. More people will just give up looking for a job.

  3. If a small business operator is paying their staff a couple bucks over the current minimum wage, I would think it helps to retain the staff. If the new minimum wage goes past what they pay to $15 then I wonder how many small businesses would simply lose their staff to others at this new “competative wage”, or couldn’t afford the hike to match and go bankrupt. I think having a job at a lower rate is better than having no job because your employer can’t afford it and lays you off…or worse, has to close his doors permanently.