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Moonfist to receive honorarium from Sooke Council — 38 Comments

  1. Awesome!! Awesome!!!! Awesome!!’!
    Papers and news outlets are filled with articles about people who are NOT good citizens. How wonderful to honour someone who exemplifies community spirit. Well done Sooke Council!! And thank you, Britt, for always searching out stories about the many positives in our fabulous community of Sooke!!!

  2. Many folks thank you for your volunteering Moonfist !
    Great idea to say “thank you” !

  3. It’s funny but today when I saw him on Wadams Way I waved & he waved back. I thought to myself, now there’s someone I’d like to nominate for citizen of the year in Sooke. He’s an awesome person! Going the extra mile….. 🙂

  4. He should be put on Salary and added to the maintenance crew. We need someone who cares about the town and he has demonstrated year, after year… $500 seems like an insult.

    • I agree.. MoonFist has a code to selflessly help the community. But If we are going to honour him $500 is lame. More like $5000

  5. Amazing heart to be so giving of yourself. He creates the community he wants to live in regardless. I couldn’t think of a better leader for Sooke or any community really.

  6. My mother in law tried to give him $20 bucks once, he took it but said he was gonna dobate it. Hes a good man!!

  7. Honestly, they should hire him onto their payroll so he is a full time employee – as a parks employee. This man deserves so much more.

  8. He used to be our neighbour. We were all sad to see him move. He’s an amazing guy. He never stops giving to the sooke community. And he’s from Ontario, no old roots here. Congratulations…

  9. Another heartfelt thank you to Moonfist from an appreciative resident. And yes, I also think the $500 is too little and perhaps we can find an even better way to express our support?

  10. MOONFIST is one tremendously selfless guy who deserves way more than we can give him. A great honourarium would be to put him on the payroll, even create a special job description which would be defined by what he already does for the community. He is an upright, stalwart individual who deserves all the honour we can bestow on him.