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More electric vehicle chargers planned for Sooke’s town core — 4 Comments

  1. I heard it is not legal to resell BC Hydro electric power.
    I wonder why there will be no chargers in any of the malls that we have?
    Seems logical to plug in while you shop.

  2. Great news!
    As far as having chargers in the malls, that is a decision made by the owners of the building and the tenants. Currently both The Sooke Harbour House and The Prestige Hotel have chargers installed.
    The Stick in the Mud tried to install a charger a few years ago but the building’s electrical capacity could not handle the additional draw of a charger

  3. Great news and incentive! I have had an EV for just over a year and it is SO economical compared to the rip-off gas prices. Once you come over to the “clean air” side, you’ll never want to go back. Less gas guzzlers, more clean air EV’s!

    • Why do drivers who can’t afford a new electric vehicle have to pay for the electricity of rich people who CAN afford one?