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MSP to stop billing for children in 2017 — 8 Comments

  1. Thank goodness! Looks like single seniors with low, fixed incomes will also be getting a much needed discount… finally… after the rates soared. Good to hear this will be helping a lot of families too.

  2. If they stopped billing all together your taxes will go up huge!
    I would gladly pay $6 more a month if it means my two kids with kids pay a lot less
    Single parents and even couples with kids deserve a break. Young people with kids with $42,000 -or even $60,000 shouldn’t have to decide what food to buy or bills to pay. And this figure is NET income , so take home is way less income than that!
    The one thing I wish they would di is reduce premiums for seniors making under $60,000 and give them back their gold card for drugs, bus pass and ferry!