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Murray Road staircase (re)tender awarded to sole respondent — 22 Comments

  1. So it is more money then before, it went to a non local Vancouver company this time
    And they have to pay the other contractor for the work they did for 2 weeks. Well done sooke!

  2. Well, since no Sooke/local contractors decided to respond I don’t think there’s any room to complain about the business going to Luxton.

    • Good point. But I trust staff were proactive in seeking out bidders and that our local contractors were notified about this opportunity by more than an email or an ad they might not have seen in another of the papers. A phone call and an indication that the District is keen to hire locally might have netted a bid or two. (Certainly, a number of folks on social media were saying the other month that they could do the job for far less than the quoted prices.) PS We’re all showing up as “anonymous” on SPN’s website comments thread, so let me clarify by saying this is Jeff Bateman replying to Harrison Lansing 😉

    • SPN is always open to receiving ads from the District. Our ads reach tens of thousands of people. But, alas, the District in their infinite wisdom have opted to place these ads only where they are legally obliged (print paper), which is not necessarily where they will be seen. Your tax dollars, hard at work. -Britt/SPN

    • Jeff Bateman I could not agree with you more. I don’t know what publication vehicle was used to announce this opportunity, and that’s probably a good starting point for a conversation about getting more local businesses doing business with the municipality.


      Harrison Lansing

  3. would be nice to have a safe well lit night time entrance to the boardwalk and have the boardwalk lit up as well …. just sayin ….

  4. There were solar lights on the board walk years ago and they got smashed and broken by vandals in no time flat unfortunately. Sean Jordan

  5. This is absurd! & most of these people want us to vote for them again. Hard to believe!!

  6. one reason, amongst others, for high rents – high taxes for little return! Here is another example..this present council has done nothing to improve our town – merely maintaining it (poorly) and with everything at high cost…the fact that democracy is undermined utterly when they cannot tell us what happens to our money (i.e. Sullivan) and the system supports it …now why is someone who takes a public job permitted the same privacy conditions when it comes to how much money the get? NOT democracy! good luck to you all who continue to support this system that is clearly stacked against the public….

  7. Hopefully it won’t take as long or cost as much to fix the walking path on Whiffin Spit, one can only hope! It’s only been 3 month!

    • I heard from somebody the other day that they wanted to Re-Invent Whiffin Spit and the current plan was to turn it into a Nudist Beach !

  8. I’d be willing to offer my labour with quite abit of carpentry experience to see this project completed. Been to long since its been dealt with and since it’s an iconic pathway that is part of the Sooke community. #shameontheoneswhofailedtheircommunity