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National Leaders Debate — 4 Comments

  1. Was a fire practice, I’ll try and catch the highlights later. Sadly, I feel that most the population is either uninformed and don’t care about federal politics or they already know who they’re voting for. In both cases these debates are just fodder and time sinks leading up the actual election.

  2. When Elizabeth May was able to get a word in edgewise, being continually interrupted by the other 3 (chivalry is dead) she was the best imo at presenting her positions and ideas, as well as explaining our Parliamentary system i.e. we don’t elect PMs, we elect MPs. Harper imo is a liar and Trudeau a lightweight. That said, imo Mulcair has best chance of defeating Harper and to me this is extremely crucial if Canada is to continue with democracy. Hopefully next debate, especially if Ms. May is included, will allow for discussion about the muzzling of our scientists, gutting the Coast Guard and the DFO, the treatment of First Nations and honouring the treaties, the Tories’ support of fish farms, and many other issues not touched upon last night. As for it being the summer, global warming doesn’t care what season it is as it wreaks havoc across Canada. You can’t get away from the effects of cliamte change, especially in mid-summer.
    Cheers, Helene