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NDP’s John Horgan responds to the Throne Speech: She’ll say anything to hang on to power — 12 Comments

  1. I can’t stand the constant criticism from Horgan. We get it, John, you don’t like Clarke. Focus your efforts on solutions to problems that would be meaningful to taxpayers rather than the constant criticisms. Reminds me of Trump campaigning and holding rallies months after he was elected…

  2. The entire NDP philosophy of redistributing taxpayer’s wealth, driving out business taxes, results only more of a burden to persons with visible tax income. I say visible, because there are lots of people hiding income and still eating at the taxpayer trough.

  3. The more I see MLA Horgan the more impressed I am with him. He’s growing into his role as possible Premier admirably. A coalition Greens/NDP govt will benefit all of BC. Clark & Co are just like the Clintons Obama Bush Soros & Co selling resources and pay2play 2 anyone w/$$. It’s disgusting. Wild salmon are riddled with lice and viruses from the fish farms, the Site C people have seen their land destroyed, there’s no real respect and care for BC Indigenous People, there’s radiation from Fukushima, Nestle steals our water, LNG is a scam, pipelines shipping crude it goes on and on, it’s a wonder there are any trees left the logs going to China where millionaires buy up Canadian prop like it’s a flea market sale. Crown Corps have been ruined. Hydro and Ferries must return as run/owned by the people of BC. Trump is not responsible for decades of US corruption which fully implemented upon the assassination of Pres Kennedy. He is being blamed for things he had nothing to do with. Meanwhile Trudeau takes $$ from Soros and is another globalist shill with an empty head and nice hair. Can’t wait for Clark to not only be thrown out as Premier but as Lib Leader. Greed is her middle name. That’s my 2 cents for today.

    • I am more depressed than impressed about Horgan and the NDP. Everything used listed is the Federal responsibly except for the shared respect and care for BC Indigenous People and returning Hydro and Ferries to a Crown Corporation.

      The NDP and Green stance on no Bitumen in tankers is clear. However, the door seems to be wide open for the construction of oil refineries between Terrace and Kitimat, the movement of bitumen by rail, and the increase of tanker traffic in BC carrying refined oil to China. Refer to this website for more information: http://www.pacificfutureenergy.com/ Several past prominent NDP are involved. This is the NDP plan. Increased oil tanker traffic in BC, just not in our backyard.

  4. I am more than ready for a change of government but I do agree with P JR Allen….Horgan was very negative and full of criticism during the election, to the point I considered changing my vote. I just hope we see positive action and not more criticism!