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New B.C. government commits to fix ICBC to protect British Columbians — 11 Comments

  1. Typical politics – blame the party in power – oh, for 6 DAYS (and two of those days were non-working days). The report was requested 6 MONTHS ago……..

  2. ICBC is in “financial trouble” because The liberals kept siphoning profits from it in order to fund other things. They did the same thing to BC Hydro. At the same time they hire a huge firm like Ernst and Young (now EY) with Trump supporter and advisor Mark Weinberg as its CEO to come up with this report. What a joke. Same old, same old. The goal here for the liberals was to build the case for privatization of our goods for their corporate buddy’s profit by saying they have to raise rates when they don’t, to piss people off and have the public cry out for privatization, effectively asking for the private take over of public goods and all the ways that screws over the public. I’d like to know how much the “liberals” paid for this report, which they already knew the answer to. http://www.vancouversun.com/touch/news/metro/government+grabbing+cash+from+icbc+hydro+they+raise+rates/9527548/story.html
    One has to wonder why our media outlets are reporting it in this way. Perhaps because they donate to the liberals and are corporations too? (Saying this because of how other media outlets have chosen to present this story.)