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New council cautiously defers text amendment to zoning bylaw, regarding temporary use permits — 6 Comments

  1. well good on postponing the progress of this change in the OCP.
    This should never have gone this far. Glad to see intelligent precess on this issue.
    Stop the changes that the previous Council started and make it right!
    This business is illegal and dangerous! Sooke is no longer in the “wild west” past!
    Lets see us move ahead with having some rules to live by.
    If we have proper rules to live by with proper business licenses more business will be happy to come here.

  2. Realising that this agenda matter was last discussed with the previous Council, knowing that this was a tough subject to address, it may have been prudent, nay mandatory, to revisit the historical aspect of this issue before opening the door to it to a newly minted Council. It cannot rest on the back burner…it’s a tough nut and must be cracked before getting on with less burning matters.

  3. This business is clearly in violation. Ir’s flaunting of our regulations affects us all.

  4. Agreed with everyone who has commented so far. An easing out of the business from the property as suggested by Mr. Callrisian sounds like a good solution and one that might work best if the negotiations to figure out how exactly to implement it included the property owners as well as whomever the DOS wants to bring along to the discussion table. This could easily include a PROFESSIONAL MEDIATOR who would keep the negotiations on track to make sure the solution works for everyone. We can benefit from having that business located in the Sooke region so hopefully by negotiating with a mediator they will end up feeling good enough about the situation to relocate somewhere that is in the area.

  5. Before the business owner gets any kind of settlement in his favour,he should have to pay all the back taxes he avoided by defying the by-laws