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New “Current Issues” no longer allowed at Committee of the Whole meetings, Sooke — 10 Comments

  1. Why would an open transparent council handle things this wAy. Seems to feel like an attempt to limit questions. Odd why not find a wAy to allow folks to ask questions and engage. This will I fear start to backfire and create mistrust where maybe there is no reason. All behind the curtain stuff and quoting rules makes me uneasy

  2. I guess that means that the Deer Cull being done at the Whiffenspit Christmas Tree Farm will never be brought up ?

    What is going on with our Council and their responsibilities to we the people

  3. My understanding is that you hire a lawyer to argue a position. The ‘law’ being subject to interpretation means any number of positions can be argued. To quote the acting Mayor who stated she had ”received a legal opinion” is facile. One can hire any number of lawyer who would present other legal opinions on the matter at hand.

  4. This all seems exceptionally shady to be changing so many things under an acting mayor. I am not comfortable with the way this is going down. First the hiring of Gabriel Joseph who posted on his on fb page before the previous person had vacated her position. Not to mention his close ties with Ms.Sullivan seems like there is a puppeteers running the show. Maya Tait are you aware of what is happening to your town? How can you let this happen? This is not why you were voted in.

    • C’mon, have some empathy for her- she’s taking care of her newborn. The rest of council is creating this mess. Her maternity leave is for her to take care of her own baby, not those other babies.

    • I get how much work taking care of a newborn and yourself postpartum is. However it seems her council has run amuck and gone off on a power kick while she has been gone.
      We have a new clown in town Mr. Joseph and him and Ms..Sullivan have a long history and yet neither of them will answer questions nor will council.
      We have out of control crime sprees and it’s affecting quality and safety of Spoke.

  5. @Rachel Lewis,

    I’m beginning to think that Maja knows exactly what’s going on, what’s gone on, and how it all came to pass. I’m going to regret having assisted in my small way…as a scrutineer on election day…if that turns out to be true. The council and city government are fast turning into an organization that seems to be for itself and not the people.

    • @Harrison- I think you’re on the wrong track. There are those who would love for all the blame to fall on the mayor’s shoulders while they continue to plot and scheme. I know Maja, she’s not one to participate in conspiracies against her constituents, although some of her colleagues would have you believe otherwise.

  6. Harper Conservatism is alive and well and sitting on Sooke Council. Consider yourself silenced.