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New federal regulations deem marijuana dispensaries illegal — 58 Comments

    • Looks like they crunched the numbers… and yup, factory pharma is more profitable once again!

    • Dispensaries ALWAYS were illegal! Anticipation of government to legalize medical marijuana, doesn’t make it legal and certainly doesn’t allow opening up pot shops everywhere. That is just organized crime operating up in the open!

  1. Seriously….. I wish they would just legalise so we can all benefit from the profits it will bring, and the cops will stop wasting their time policing it so much and send more time on more important things.

  2. And yet the very same government will continue to use my hard earned tax dollars to make sure all the crackheads and meth users have access to their drugs….for FREE…as well as places to do them….but people can’t go into a store…which has its products out of site and you have to be of age to enter…and purchase pot which is a hell of a lot less harmless than crack or meth…really?
    Need to get your shit together there government peeps….pot is natural and comes from the earth…crack, meth etc have to be MADE with chemicals….don’t know about you but I’ll take the all natural any day 🙂

  3. This is no longer about legalization. This is about corporate profit and nothing else. This is about the govt protecting existing LPs while shutting everyone else out of a billion dollar industry. Civil disobedience is soon to follow.

  4. Are u all brain dead. Dispensaries have been shut down countless times all around the island and most other places. Why did anyone think it would be differnent in Sooke

    • Like hmmm all dispenseries were shut down in naniamo and some people were charged. 4 months later there is one in sooke. Like REALLY who didnt see this coming

  5. The government does mot like what they can’t control…cigarettes they say cause cancer..drinking kills your liver, makes some go crazy, drink and drive can kill. But funny how much money the government makes on both of its sales. Never heard of anyone smoking a joint and wiping out a family in a car wreck or beating there spouse or kids..I have just started using cannabis and it’s working way better than any prescribed chemical drug…who agrees

    • Everything is chemicals. The apples you eat are chemicals, so is a dog, your desk, the grass, the air, your phone, and everything that you eat. Your body is made of chemicals. Chemicals are not all bad. Medical cannabis is a chemical drug. Glad you are feeling better with using cannabis. #legalizeit

  6. Before the” dispensories ” half or more of the country was able to find or grow pot. Stupid rules won’ t change anything , along with policeing, court and prison costs out of all canadiens pockets.

  7. Ironically, we (U.S.) just had similar legislation deeming marijuana a Schedule I substance. Citing, marijuana has 0 medical properties and is a highly addictive potentially lethal substance. Coincidence!? Doubtful.

  8. I can go on a roller coaster, smoke cigarettes or pipes, drink a bottle of tequila, get tattooed and pierced all over myself, put a vibrating plug up my butt while throwing axes at watermelons in my back yard, I can ride a motorcycle around a track at high speeds, hell I can go on the computer and watch people do pretty much any weird, disgusting, dangerous things I can think of. What is the great harm done to society if I get some pain or stress relief smoking a joint, if I rub some pot oil on my arthritic hands, if I eat a cookie with pot in it because I think it helps. Phil

    • Rusty Arthur Simpson thank you so much for clearing that up for me, I thought it was just some politicians trying to criminalize something for no other reason but that they consider it taboo. This while have the option to do so many silly, twisted, risky, or bizarre things and not be labeled a criminal. Phil

  9. The gov is there to protect us from unregulated cannabis…it won’t allow any of their approved producers to put chemicals or preservatives in something we ingest.

    Hey !!! Wait a minute, what am I saying, they’re already poisoning us with GMO’S chemtrails fluoride and vaccines !

    I think this distinction on who should be allowed to use a medicinal herb is prime real estate for a courtroom showdown.

    I can’t believe people are allowing the gov to draw that line in the first place, following the disclosure of study’s demonstrating the medicinal application of the herb, once mislabeled as a drug.