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New poll: Free transit — 5 Comments

  1. I am surprised by the level of votes for BAD IDEA for FREE transit. Anything that can be done to lower the number of cars leaving Sooke every day and giving also more spending power for people that have to drive for work, is all together a very good idea if BC Transit can make this project happen. It has worked in a few other countries and has meant less traffic, less accidents and happier people.

  2. Every city and town across BC would be asking for the same thing if it were implemented. That would be a huge budget item for the Province and would require service cuts for other programs currently funded or increased taxes or both. Beyond the funding question the transit service in the Greater Victoria area is currently inadequate to handle current demand. If we strip Transit of their primary funding source and make them entirely dependent on government funding, the ability to increase service and routes diminishes dramatically. As a transit rider I am already saving money by not driving and paying for parking. There are just many people who cannot or will not take transit, free bus fare would not change the fact that the current bus service is not a workable option for many.

    • In the budgetary scheme of things, if the provincial government was willing to stop handing out tax breaks and subsidies to their friends in the corporate world (e.g. reduced hydro-fees and eliminating income and sales taxes for foreign promoters of LNG in B.C. [worth billions]; [taxpayers]footing the bills for the Mt. Polley and several marine oil spill clean-ups; not prosecuting corporations and individuals who use tax havens or money launder; giving away forest land for minimal cost and stumpage rates) it could provide for all manner of optimally-funded provincial programs for the rest of us, including free transit for everyone in every community.

  3. Just explain to me, a PLWD HOW Free Transit is a “bad idea”. Transit in ANY metropolitan area is historically always run at a loss. Allowing folks to use the transit system for free would create mobility, mobility creates income, mobility creates employment, mobility creates healthier societies.

    How is any* of that a “bad idea” Get WOKE folks! Car culture is exclusionary, and dying, seen gas prices lately? How many more big hits at the pumps can the average working person take? Free Transit, YES, Please!

  4. The free transit ride program should start slowly with property owners offering free shoulder rides in the city for the people who think this is a good idea.