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New Trans-Canada Interchange and an Extension to Westshore Parkway for CRD Commuters — 6 Comments

  1. I’m glad that we may someday see an end to the Saanich Stall. Some still call it the Colwood Crawl but poor Colwood has nothing to do with it. Saanich fought against provincial funding for this in the 1990s when the TCH was upgraded and Sooke, Westshore and over-the-Malahat commuters have suffered for it ever since. This will be a nice addition to the new bus lanes that City of Victoria is putting in to help encourage more transit use. Now, if only they would move some of the workplaces (like government offices) out of the downtown and into commuter hubs like Langford or Duncan and then we would see real progress on reducing traffic and promoting clean and healthy transport options.

  2. It would be perfect when they also eliminate the recently new installed traffic light intersection of West Shore Parkway & TCH about 3-4 years ago. It makes no sense to continue to block/hold up traffic there. When you think about it… currently it is the only traffic light left between Admirals/McKenzie/TCH and all the way to near Mill Bay! Well after this new interchange happens… it’ll be further to Tillicum then yet I’ll take any improvement anytime as small as it may be…. 🙂

    If we eliminate that traffic light then it will help to move more people to use the new West Shore Parkway Connector to Sooke. Somehow, I have a feeling that once the new connector opens and the light is also still there… then the back up on TCH will become worse so I think that the traffic light is going to be the new gripe issue after McKenzie Overpass is done. 😉 The solution? Eliminate the light and add a section of elevated TCH with the down ramps to go onto West Shore Parkway. North bound would take off ramp and go under the elevated TCH onto West Shore Parkway and south bound would take off ramp then turn off on right side onto West Shore Parkway. It’s do able in a tight area too.

    Then Pat Bay Hwy should be fully a freeway status…. but that’s other story for other time…. 😉 LOL.

  3. Just don’t let this think that the conservatives really care…. funny how, after all this time, the announcement is made leading up to elections!

  4. Still living in the dark ages here in Canada. How about some real thoughts and progress on reopening the rail lines?! We are spoiled in our little pods of cars and I wonder how many of us out there are complaining about the Oil industry in Alberta but still driving in and out of town alone or needlessly?

  5. we need 4 lanes to continue from the 4 lanes in metchosin,all the way into sooke…….full stop