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Night driving on Highway 14 fraught with dangers — 30 Comments

  1. I commute from Saanich to Sooke 4-5 times a week and couldn’t agree more with the points Randy is making. During the dark rainy nights of the year, my evening commute is like driving on a mirror with the constant barrage of vehicle headlights returning to Sooke. There isn’t much relief on the dark and dry nights either. Most nights I arrive into Langford white-knuckled and stressed. The paint line issues on Sooke Road needs to be addressed immediately and that won’t be soon enough for me!

  2. Good I had a hard time late at night when that roads where wet and most of it was painted last year.
    More reflectors are needed in the middle and outside lines

  3. Hey I know….why doesn’t MOT go back to repainting in the fall like they did for as long as I’ve been here (1982)….they started repainting in summer in the last 5 years so by the time winter hits the lines are gone …. that would help…

  4. Should either spend the 20m in federal funds to put in a new road. Or, $600,000 to put led lights the whole way. There have been dozens of accidents and many fatalities on that road since I moved to Sooke in 2014… It cannot be ignored any further.

  5. YES! It’s impossible to see the lines especially on a rainy night. Also, that new Wadams Way intersection at Otterpoint needs to be repainted. Can’t see the left hand turn lane at all and it’s fairly new!

  6. Sooke road is well maintained compared to the roads in the rest of the country. The east coast and prairies roads don’t have fancy reflectors and reflective paint and in the spring there are potholes that if you don’t avoid will wreck your rims or pop a strut or shock on your suspension. What’s needed is upgrading the road to be able to handle the volume of traffic now and for foreseeable future housing development.

  7. Personally, if the paint isn’t going to work, I would like to see colour coded insets where the lines are supposed to be, rather than those little white reflecting squares on sticks beside the road. I think, if I didn’t know the road, the white squares might lead me off the road instead of help me stay on it. They don’t help me stay on it. For me, they just cause eye-strain.

  8. My suggestion if painted once a year then switch the painting date and should be done the first week in October so that it is not worn out before darkness starts earlier in the evening .

  9. My car has the latest xeon headlights with under bumper lights that light the road edges. I know the Sooke Road quite well after hundreds of trips both day and night. With rain and oncoming traffic it is sometimes difficult to see. The centre double yellow has faded in spots and the white marking for bike lanes is non existent in some places. Tire biting and suspension breaking potholes in the older sections are as regular as the winter freeze/thaw that produces them.

    As Sooke Chamber of Commerce, our District Council, and even the mayor of Langford are in support of a four lane upgrade. This is election year folks, so speak out at candidate meetings. Write that letter to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Time to do more than complain!

  10. All roads need to be painted with much better paint the old line paint contains ed glass that made it reflect light to stand out I understand that is not use able anymore but surely there is a paint that will reflect lights and be cost effective! Course how do you put a price on a life? Time to get transportation ministry’s heads together and start saving lives!

  11. How about solar Led lights in yellow on the center lane ,spaced evenly. The technology is here. I had sent it to our last mayor and engineer.

  12. High time something is done soon. Highway 14 is a white-knuckle drive especially when it rains. The highway decision makers should try navigating it the next time it rains. Once they do and find out how difficult it is to see any road markings, I would hope they make a quick decision to have the problem rectified sooner than later. Get on with it before there are any more accidents. I want all the residents of Sooke and visitors to Sooke to be safe.

  13. wow we need something to happen. In Australia they use reflective paint on the roads. Why not here? It is so dangerous on dark rainy nights. Thanks for bringing attention to this as I am totally afraid to drive the road in the rain.

  14. They need lights on that road, I can’t even drive it at night. How about better reflective paint too, like we’ve seen on Great Britains roads at night. Cheaping out wont do anymore.

  15. I followed the link at the bottom to further report the highway issues. I urge everyone to do the same. Waiting until spring for minimal repairs will not cut it. Let’s force this issue to be taken more seriously. The Ministry and the Province HAVE to provide us with safe well marked roads.

  16. Bravo Randy for voicing your safety concerns on the ‘Sookahola’ – it is not safe and the BC Ministry of Transportation is doing nothing about it. I myself drive the death highway ‘Sookeahola’ at night and during the rainy season, it is very scary. You have to contend with these huge trucks right no your behind blinding you to drive faster. Then you have the mist/fog which appears out of nowhere causing you to break very quickly because you cannot see the lines on the highway because they don’t exist!

    I even had the unfortunate experience of a buck slamming head first into the drivers front head lights and causing $6,000 dollars worth of damage. I have called the Ministry of Transportation, have written letters and have spoken to John Horgan many times on this issue. They tell me that there are not enough people living in Sooke for them to take action. WOW is that sad or what.

    Shawn Haley is responsible for the Sookeahola – contact him to voice your concerns and let’s put SAFETY first!
    250.952.4491 shawn.haley@gov.bc.ca cell:250.360.7476

    One person cannot make a change but TOGETHER – we can move mountains or at least get some LIGHTS on the Sookeahola!