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No joke: Sooke’s elected mayor returns to Office — 5 Comments

  1. Is she going shopping at the newest store at Murray and sooke road. I am glad she approved the business license for a business that is not even legal

    • @June Ells Spicer. It is not the Mayor that approves, or not, business licences. The Business Licence Bylaw requires that all businesses operating in the District of Sooke be in possession of a valid Business Licence or a valid Inter-municipal Business Licence. My understanding is Sooke by-laws are proposed and approved by Sooke Council not the Mayor, whom I believe has no vote in such matters. Licences are processed by Sooke Municipality administration staff according to the by-laws. For more information visit: http://sooke.ca/departments/development-services/business-licences/

      Welcome back Mayor Tait! 🙂

  2. Thank goodness Mayor Tait is back. I hope she comes out of the gate strong against all the shenanigans from Councillours and the new CAO over the past 4 months that she’s been on maternity leave.
    Time to clean up the slime trail left by some of these unsavoury characters.

  3. I don’t get the part about her having to get a law passed that protects their jobs. Were they saying she couldn’t come back as Mayor?