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No, magnets don’t stick to COVID vaccine injection sites (and how to avoid the spread of this nonsense) — 5 Comments

  1. What a terrible introduction to this article! ” If for some reason you cannot get vaccinated … Begin by stopping the proliferation of nonsense.”
    Assuming that people who chose not to get vaccinated are spreading lies?

    If you want to get the vaccine, fine – you do you. And you’re “safe”! We don’t need people to pressure others to get it. There are plenty of good reasons not to get the vaccine that have nothing to do with the “fake news”. Particularly the fact that NO ONE knows the long term effects.

    Poor journalism

    • 1. Read it again. I’m asking people to stop the proliferation of misinformation. Nowhere in the piece do I say people who don’t get vaccinated are lying. And, I directly and right up front acknowledge that there legitimate reasons for not getting vaccinated.

      2. Proliferation means to spread. By not engaging false information in debate (per my first point), you are helping false information NOT get picked up by social media algorithms. Meaning: Wrong information doesn’t get a shelf life. That has nothing to do with lying.

      3. Nowhere do I claim I am a great journalist. That’s your claim followed by your attack on that premise. But, I thank you for making the implication in the first place. I’m oddly honoured.

      4. If you are genuinely interested in supporting good journalism, then I urge you to actually donate to the likes of Capital News (a great source of local news, investigative coverage) or any other independent you do like. If you put your money where your mouth is then you instantly become a part of the solution. Independent media is dying, and with that, you’ll see the vanishing of political scrutiny and a free-for-all with facts. I’ve been saying that for years.

      5. I am not your personal punching bag. Back off. Challenge the information, fine, but don’t make it personal. I provide SPN on my own time, on my own dime, and a few sponsors chip in. If you don’t like it, leave.

      Have a nice day.

      Britt / SPN creator founder editor writer and anchor