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Note these roadside parking changes at Saseenos Elementary! — 8 Comments

  1. I had no clue the school now owns the gravel part. The pac was saying that it’s a walkway/safety for the high-school and elementary students but if my memory stands corrected theres more of a safety issue past that gravel part to where the new gas station is.

  2. Why is this an issue? The PAC has requested repeatedly, as a safety measure, that people don’t park their cars there to sell them (As there are always cars for sale there, sometimes from out of town and quite often for extended periods of time). It really is inconsiderate and gets in the way. If they parked a little further up then it wouldn’t be an issue but they use the school parking area where families are moving kids in and out of vehicles right next to a highway. It’s simply to help keep those families safe and not clog things up. Why would anyone have an issue with this?

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