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POLL: Now that the construction is mostly complete, what do you think of the roundabout? — 73 Comments

  1. It’s is fantastic, it looks great but needs lighting.
    On another note: the size of the road that goes to the new RBC parking lot. That road must be the narrowest road in all of Sooke! Didn’t they JUST make it? If they are to expand that area, that road will likely cause problems.

  2. Seems to me that now that it is ready to roll, no one is using the darn thing. I know it is a trick of the mind, but all the cars that used to line up to go through the flaggers and construction appear no where to be seen now that it is open to use. I get stuck more at the Church Rd Light now than I ever did trying to turn onto or off of Sooke Highway at the Evergreen Center.

  3. The roundabout is great, as are the other improvements. Once the planned extra street lighting goes in it’ll be even better!

    Traffic flow is working as one (with experience of how efficient roundabouts are) would expect. Countless logging trucks and buses have been through and guess what? Not one has ended up stuck as a result of the roundabout design. 🙂

    Sooke core will seem a little devoid of traffic at present as the roundabout is doing it’s job very efficiently and people rarely have to wait to exit or join Sooke road at the roundabout.

    I think the timing of the lights at Church road is out of whack and needs resetting as traffic heading West of Sooke road is backing up considerately for no justifiable reason. It might be that they were changed to allow for diverted traffic to flow around the construction area and the timing has not been reset now that works have been completed.

    The long term solution, is to do away with the lights and add a roundabout at both Church road and Otter Point road. By the time they are completed people in the area would have had plenty of practice on the existing roundabout. 🙂

    The only disappointment I have is Sooke should have used the chance to bury all the services in the Core and do away with ugly power and telecom poles all over the place! Now we have nice sidewalks with poles in the middle of them!

    • to get in and out of the chevron is a challenge, maybe chriscross lines on church to allow traffic in and out, as the chevron was not well planned from the beginning

  4. At first the thought of the roundabout to me was a joke. Now that it’sw been completed I think it works well, especially getting in and out of the Evergreen Plaza.
    More lighting at the crosswalk or perhaps a light up crosswalk would make a world of difference for those on foot.

  5. the new crosswalks and sidewalks are fine, but the roundabout? what a waste of money, resources and time, would rather have seen the money go for something important like shelter, food, art

  6. I think the roundabout is a great addition and makes travelling through Sooke a lot easier.
    Good to hear that it can handle a logging truck.
    But the real test will be if it can handle nine reindeer (Eight plus Rudolph) and that jazzy sleigh.
    I guess we will find out soon enough:)
    Great job by everyone.

  7. Love it. Getting in and out of Everygreen Mall is now very easy. I do hope drivers will use their turn signals to indicate their intentions, especially when entering Everygreen Mall from the west. Remember, drivers must yield to traffic in the roundabout. Also, I certainly hope that additional street lighting is included and will be added soon. There should be a street light on every hydro poll through the town core. Also, please add the needed intersection control lights at Church and Sooke Rd so all drivers exiting from Mariner’s Village can turn left or proceed through the intersection to Church Rd.

  8. It’s a great improvement to the traffic flow and will hopefully help act as a catalyst for Sooke’s beautification efforts, particularly as more businesses move to town and construct a building or existing buildings look to update their exterior facades. It’s nice to see some infrastructure activity happening in Sooke with the new round-about and sidewalks, however I am disappointed that all the overhead power-lines were not buried during this construction opportunity, as this is a huge aesthetic detractor to the downtown area.
    Michael Nyikes

  9. I continue to use Waddams Way, mainly because the poorly situated and unlit crosswalks are a safety hazard and interrupt the traffic flow around the traffic circle. Also, I got my hopes up, but traffic is not flowing better heading westbound into Sooke. Without a dedicated right turn at Church Road heading westbound, the traffic will continue to pile up heading into Sooke. Once has to sctach their head at who ever made that decision. Complete lack of foresight.

  10. i really think the roundabout is the best thing to come to sooke,only have a problem with the tree compared to other communitys,lets hope we can do a better job when they decide what will make it look like we acually care what our community looks like.been here all my life and love sooke so dont come down on me for my opinion.i know we can do better,