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Official job posting for Fire Chief, Sooke — 2 Comments

  1. Wondering if there is a posting for the Deputy Chief as well? Cant believe we have lost both of our highest ranking positions, not to mention the rest of the office staff. How are these new people going to know what is going on here in Sooke. Our previous team was so involved with the community I don’t see how outsiders will be able to carry on with it.

  2. Is there a hidden agenda here where the winning applicant must be a member of the conservative party? Strange things are happening in our district and I can only think of one conclusion. The federal conservatives lost in October and will be out of the running for eight years or so. In order to get back in the running they must regroup and start again and the most logical way is to start at the bottom, locally, and advance upward, akin to Barack Obama as a community organizer. Southern Vancouver Island is NDP country so the conservatives will have to abide their time and start slowly from the bottom and infiltrate locally. Is this what is happening in Sooke? Some things make no sense at all, other than to think this direction. These things seem more politically motivated rather than good practical life from our local perspective. We are getting rid of really good people. It is shocking.