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One last attempt to save Hannah Day: “She cannot die because of money” — 6 Comments

    • An article written by the days is bs the scam every community speed money on bs shit and not save it for “treatments” and give there donations away
      there are people in sooke who have sick kids one family’s lifeless boy has sizers every day they don’t ask for money
      I think there sick kid is an excuse to live off the public

  1. To “Pissed off”
    I read your comment and unfortunately there are too many sick kids all over the world .
    My daughter suffers from a chronic illness and unfortunately there is a lack of funding to help her with programs and resources .
    There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with a parent or a community raising money for a child so get over yourself

  2. Our money goes into a trust that 2 police officers run . We never created any go fund me pages or asked for help we told our story and people came forward to help . We don’t just get to blow the money on fancy vehicles or getting hair done the trustees have paid all our bills directly . I think people are very Mis informed . We know there are other families out there struggling so we try our best to also help them out too . Not everyone gets the media coverage like we do so if we can give back we will in a second . We both work full time jobs but sadly will never have the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the states wants . No one has that kind of money . We felt so bad for other families that no one would help so we help them as best as we can and I’m surprised people judge us for that . Seems if we hoard all the money we are bad people and if we help out other families with sick kids we are horrible for “giving money away ” sadly we can do no right but all I do know is that I don’t wish this upon anyone even the mean people who choose to judge us when we have the dying child not them . Never once did we go on the news or Facebook and say we’re poor help us . Not once . When Hannah got cancer someone else contacted the news and bam we had no control over anything . People wanted to donate and help . Campaigns were going up behind our back . Officers were coming forward to help protect it .. So please don’t judge us .