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Ontario introduces $15 minimum wage, equal pay and benefits for all workers — 10 Comments

  1. Raising the minimum wage that high in the big cities might sound like a great idea, but I think small towns are going to get hit really hard by this. What else could a family store with mostly local customers, do other than raising prices or laying off employees?

  2. The NDP talks about that here but they don’t tell you that they’re talking about federally regulated industries like the banking sector which already pays that much anyway.

  3. The unfair thing is no one else will increase. What about the people who’ve worked their way up to say $16? Are they going to increase accordingly? Probably not.

  4. I think that the most fair thing to do would be for the government to get it’s filthy hands out of the pockets of these low paid workers. How they can even think about reaching into these lower paid workers pockets is beyond me. Why do they do it? Because they actually don’t care about them. Single moms, young men and women and even older people working for minimum wage can’t afford to pay “any” tax on what they get and shouldn’t be expected to. Meanwhile the wealthy have accountants who navigate them through the process and avoid paying their share of taxes. It’s time for a revolt on the streets in my opinion. We need broader, more fundamental changes than what is being proposed. Low paid Worker should organize together and down tools. Demand ZERO taxation on minimum wages or anything below $15.00 hr. Announce a date one month ahead and organize it all across the country. For example: July 1st 2017. (A holiday and good timing for such an event). That would get the governments attention. If you like this post then share it on facebook or other social media. Let’s see if this government really cares.

  5. Companies that have always paid above minimum wage salaries will be hurt by this and will have to increase rates as well their prices accordingly.

  6. This is a recipe for increased automation of jobs. We are already seeing it at McDonald’s. The Ontario NDP are pushing ahead on it despite the obvious outcomes to appease their union supporters. This will especially impact the 18-24 age group. Ontario’s own numbers are 150k to 180k jobs in that age group to be impacted. My own assumption is that entry level full time jobs will completely disappear.