Dear Charter member,

On checking up on the monthly payments, I saw that I had made a critical error (in your favour), and now I’m asking you to go through one more step to help me correct this! Ah, the joys of being Charter…!

You see, when I set up the Charter membership, to be billed monthly, I set the Trial Rate at $8.40, for 12 months. What I didn’t realize was that the Trial Rate charge would be applied to the full trial period.

This means that for the next 11 10 months, minus your original payment, I won’t get paid.

Clearly, not as smart as I look…!

You can help me correct this (and get paid $8/monthly) by clicking the button below. It will set up a new monthly payment process for the next 11 months, at $8.00 plus $0.40gst. After that, your regular payments will kick in.

Please accept my deepest apologies for this error, and my most profound gratitude for agreeing to go through this extra step!

Thanks in advance,