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Op Ed: In the face of a housing crisis, doing the minimum is not good enough — 6 Comments

  1. The housing crisis is related to ridiculous real estate prices, people can’t rent their places out for less than their overhead, and most people can’t afford to pay that. It’s the same formula used right across Canada, other parts of Canada are cheaper to rent, because real estate is cheaper…

    The only solution to any housing crisis is the government puts more money into creating subsidized housing units .

  2. The answer given to every question by the NDP is more government hand outs. I don’t feel like giving my tax money to subsidized housing for people that could move elsewhere, which is originally why I moved to Sooke, not because I liked the Colwood crawl.

  3. It doesn’t matter which party is in place; Liberals, NDP, etc…they’ll all say anything to get into power and then do nothing when they are there except deliver lip service and character attacks as the official opposition against the one that is in office. It’s all just a game.

  4. with all the housing construction going on in sooke and victoria, i would say the bigger issue is the the lack of “Road Construction”. Build a condo building and in this day there are a minimum of 2 people driving per 1 condo. its insane out there. Roads should be the priority not more housing construction. build homes in nanaimo or something.

  5. the people that think they deserve housing should pull their heads out of their asses and go look for work in the morning…………and lets go to drug testing.before welfare payments

  6. for families with a number of children, the child benefit now is so rewarding that if you have three kids you get over 1500 tax free every month – ludicrous and no incentive to work, and with this sort of money coming in families at this point should no longer be considered for social housing as this is one very generous program – having several programs for families now would be highly unfair to working people and single people that need help too – $6500 per year per child is so rich that it makes it realistic to not work and have a decent size brood!