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  1. Fast-tracking clean energy alternatives is going to require a substantial investment in research and development in addition to regulation in order for Canada to migrate from a petrostate into an innovationstate. The development of clean technologies that are cost-effective will be aided by the development of knowledge assets and skills such as building things from hardware (see my article from yesterday on this matter and Sooke’s opportunity in such). In a broader sense, information technology is becoming an integral part of clean technology present and its role will only increase in the future.

    Furthermore, until clean technologies and their systems can produce energy at rates lower than fossil fuels and theirs, the export market will be small, unless governments require their use and make fossil fuels more expensive through regulation. Canada needs to maintain export markets. One such area of potential export is knowledge, and in particular, information technology, which is still the fastest growing innovation category on the planet. Education itself is a close and intertwined second.

    Building a knowledge economy is essential if such a shift from fossil is crucial. However, this will take substantial investment. Information technology and its markets offer the best path for such. However, there is no great skill shortage in BC than this area. Another related clean energy innovation realm is biotechnology. Again, little skills and investment into this category either.

    Large investments in higher education, including research at universities, as well as technical skill training are needed. Otherwise it is going to be extremely difficult for Canada to migrate away from being the petrostate that it is currently.

    Lessons from brethren in Europe should be investigated: Scotland and Norway in particular; Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland. Iceland in particular has a strategy for a Green Energy Economy. See a panel discussion on it here:

    I will write up an article for the Sooke Pocket News on this to overview the main points.